For its third collection, KATYA continues to glance to nature for inspiration. Where once it was inspired by the garden rose, it looks now to the butterfly that lands on its petals. Choosing the butterfly as inspiration also speaks to KATYA’s nostalgic allure, recentering this Noughties-era favourite for 2024 and where it finds its name Mariah. 

The collection is captured twofold. Still-life imagery plays on the idea of butterflies captured in movement. Here, they feel alive, most insect-like. Meanwhile, when worn by models, they exist in a beautiful contrast, taking on a more dreamy, ethereal feel. This duality reflects KATYA’s ambition for the pieces to be worn in a way that is open to individual interpretation, in ponytails or clipped to handbags. 


Creative Director Kate Iorga 
Art Director Al Watts
Photographer George Eyres
Still Life Photographer Vasilis Kalegias
Hair Stylist Virginie Moreira 
Make-up Artist Thom Walker
Nails Artist Angel My Linh
Producer Rosie Cartwright 
Models Ella @ Swoon Management
Chun-Jin @ Storm Management
Alice @ IMG
Words Naomi Pike